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Game Design

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The escape game solutions team specialized in building "Escape The Room" games. There are no limits to the imagination. We develop everything that belongs to the new generation of Escape The Room Games, from individual puzzles to game elements to full game concepts. Our concepts have been implemented in three countries and are played with enthusiasm. We are happy to develop innovative concepts together with you and implement them in a short amount of time.


What we can offer

Stunning Room Design

Our escape room projects stand out with their immersive room design.

Quick Implementation

Our well-experienced team manages to build full escape room concepts within a very short amount of time.

Unique Puzzles

Our puzzles are developed by professional game designers. We can offer more than simple locks.


Turnkey concepts of individual escape rooms

Our turnkey concepts for individual escape rooms include the development of complete game scenarios, with detailed drawings and a 3D design if required. We install all electronics, sensors and software that is required. We put our focus on coherent details and harmonic decorations and try to combine both. After consultation, we can develop a coherent design concept for the entire furnishing of your location.

Individual Game Elements

Game Elements and Custom-Made Products

Not only do we offer turnkey concepts, but also individual game elements and custom-made products. We are happy to manufacture individual elements according to your wishes or optimize already existing elements. We would be happy to advise you on the structure of the game, on puzzle combinations and of course on the scenery and decorations. In addition, we offer you support in developing the storyline. With background story, introduction to the game and role of the game masters.


Guidelines including Online Booking Systems

We are happy to support you and your escape game operation with an attractive presentation online and offline. Our marketing team knows all the tips and tricks in the field of online marketing and will be happy to advise you. We can support you with topics such as corporate identity, target group definition, cooperation and maximizing capacity utilization. The online booking system we developed, including a personal planner, is optimized for escape game providers and is an absolute must have for stress-free planning.

Our Offers

Game Concept

2.500 €

Game license, prints and sounds.

Game Concept &
Game Elements

ab 14.500 €

Game license, prints, sounds, all game elements, decorations and props.

Turnkey Game

ab 32.700 €

Game concept & elements, room control and game setup

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