Last Human

It’s the year 2067. Humankind did a great job at decimating itself, and everything scientists have been warning us about for centuries has become harsh reality. Weather conditions became more extreme, resources more scarce, and at last not much was left of the earth we used to know. You survived the numerous attempts of mother nature on your life and didn’t starve, but that is basically everything you have going for you. You have been roa- ming the wasteland for weeks in hope of finding another living soul out here. Nobody can really tell how many humans survived the apocalypse, but you are not ready to give up hope just yet. Just as you wonder if you are turning in circles, you spot something behind a huge pile of trash and metal. First you think your mind is playing tricks on you, but as you get closer you realize: that is a door! You push down on the rusty handle and step into the the darkness...
Type of Game
Mission Game
Apokalypse, Dystopie
Delivery & Construction Time
49 Days
Game Concept
2.500 € *
* plus VAT
Game Concept &
Game Elements
25.500 € *
* plus VAT
Turnkey Game
60.220 € * **
* plus VAT
** inkl. Trocken- und Holzbau der innenliegenden Spielwände, Bühnenbildgestaltung, Patinierung, Lichtgestaltung
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