Magic School

You have learned all about the great wizard “Baltasar” in your history of magic lessons. It is said that he fought against the dark forces at that time and thereby banished them. But now, 450 years later, Baltasar died and so did his spell. The dark forces have returned and the magical world is doomed. Baltasar dedicated his life to teaching young witches and wizards at the School of Magic, which you now attend yourself. It is said that only Baltasar’s unique wand is powerful enough to conjure up the spell again. But you don’t know exactly where it is. The search leads you, as students of the Magic School, to the forbidden section of the library. But the protection spell, which keeps your presence hidden from the evil forces, ends in exactly 60 minutes. Will you be able to find the wand during this time and save the world of magic?
Type of Game
Mission Game
Delivery & Construction Time
21 Days
Game Concept
2.500 € *
* plus VAT
Game Concept &
Game Elements
20.000 € *
* plus VAT
Turnkey Game
40.720 € * **
* plus VAT
** inkl. Trocken- und Holzbau der innenliegenden Spielwände, Bühnenbildgestaltung, Patinierung, Lichtgestaltung
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