Bloody Awakening

You are overly rejoiced to be finally able to check out this, quite unique, lost place you have discovered: The abandoned Asylum... The aged caretaker of the property has been quite eager to keep people from entering the premises. Folks have gone missing trying to uncover the secrets that lie behind those ancient walls, he warns. Probably just the paranoia of an old man. At least that is what you think when deciding to ignore all warnings and investigate this mysterious asylum. A fatal mistake?
Type of Game
Escape Game
Delivery & Construction Time
51 Days
Game Concept
2.500 € *
* plus VAT
Game Concept &
Game Elements
21.000 € *
* plus VAT
Turnkey Game
50.120 € * **
* plus VAT
** inkl. Trocken- und Holzbau der innenliegenden Spielwände, Bühnenbildgestaltung, Patinierung, Lichtgestaltung
Already built in
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