Ghost Ship

During your holiday in the Caribbean you stumble upon ancient tales about the legend of a long forgotten ghost ship. According to this legend, the ship appears once every 100 years on the beach of the Bermuda Islands. Surrounded by dense fog, it scares and terrorizes the villagers. It is said to be the Santa Maria which Christopher Columbus used to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to America. But the last journey of the Santa Maria ended in a great myth – the ship together with the crew disappeared and have never been seen since… All the incredible riches and treasures of South America have become legends. But now you are standing on the coast of the Bermuda Islands, full of hope for the biggest adventure of your life. As you begin to lose faith in this legend, the horizon suddenly darkens and dense fog begins to rise...
Type of Game
Mission Game
Delivery & Construction Time
21 Days
Game Concept
2.500 € *
* plus VAT
Game Concept &
Game Elements
18.000 € *
* plus VAT
Turnkey Game
41.120 € * **
* plus VAT
** inkl. Trocken- und Holzbau der innenliegenden Spielwände, Bühnenbildgestaltung, Patinierung, Lichtgestaltung
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